The relationship between MOSFET packaging and parameters, how to choose FET’s with appropriate packaging


The relationship between MOSFET packaging and parameters, how to choose FET’s with appropriate packaging

①Plug-in packaging: TO-3P, TO-247, TO-220, TO-220F, TO-251, TO-92;

②Surface mount type: TO-263, TO-252, SOP-8, SOT-23, DFN5*6, DFN3*3;

Different packaging forms, the corresponding limit current, voltage and heat dissipation effect of MOSFET will be different. A brief introduction is as follows.

1. TO-3P/247

TO247 is one of the more commonly used small outline packages and surface mount packages. 247 is the serial number of the package standard.

Both the TO-247 package and the TO-3P package have 3-pin output. The bare chips inside can be exactly the same, so the functions and performance are basically the same. At most, the heat dissipation and stability are slightly affected.

TO247 is generally a non-insulated package. TO-247 tubes are generally used in high-power POWER. If used as a switching tube, its withstand voltage and current will be larger. It is a commonly used packaging form for medium-high voltage and high-current MOSFETs. The product has the characteristics of high voltage resistance and strong breakdown resistance, and is suitable for use in places with medium voltage and large current (current above 10A, voltage resistance value below 100V) above 120A, and voltage resistance value above 200V.

How to choose MOSFET

2. TO-220/220F

The appearance of these two package styles of MOSFETs is similar and can be used interchangeably. However, TO-220 has a heat sink on the back, and its heat dissipation effect is better than that of TO-220F, and the price is relatively more expensive. These two package products are suitable for applications in medium-voltage and high-current applications below 120A and high-voltage and high-current applications below 20A.

3. TO-251

This packaging product is mainly used to reduce costs and reduce product size. It is mainly used in environments with medium voltage and high current below 60A and high voltage below 7N.

4. TO-92

This package is only used for low-voltage MOSFET (current below 10A, withstand voltage below 60V) and high-voltage 1N60/65, mainly to reduce costs.

5. TO-263

It is a variant of TO-220. It is mainly designed to improve production efficiency and heat dissipation. It supports extremely high current and voltage. It is more common in medium-voltage high-current MOSFETs below 150A and above 30V.

6. TO-252

It is one of the current mainstream packages and is suitable for environments where high voltage is below 7N and medium voltage is below 70A.

7. SOP-8

This package is also designed to reduce costs and is generally more common in medium voltage MOSFETs below 50A and low voltage MOSFETs around 60V.

8. SOT-23

It is suitable for use in single-digit current and voltage environments of 60V and below. It is divided into two types: large volume and small volume. The main difference lies in the different current values.

The above is the simplest MOSFET packaging method.

Post time: Nov-11-2023