BAT32G439 32-bit STAR MC1 FLASH 256KB LQFP64 LQFP80 LQFP100 Microcontroller


BAT32G439 32-bit STAR MC1 FLASH 256KB LQFP64 LQFP80 LQFP100 Microcontroller

short description:

  • CPU Type: 32-bit
  • Core: STAR MC1
  • Memory Type: FLASH
  • ROM: 256KB
  • RAM: 64KB
  • Package: LQFP64/LQFP80/LQFP100
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    General Description

    BAT32G439 uses 32-bit RISC core with high-performance ARM V8-M architecture STAR-MC1 processor. The Operating voltage is 2.5V~5.5V, Maximum operating frequency is 128MHz, 256KB Flash, 64KB SRAM, up to 83 GPIO, support comparator, Programmable gain amplifier, ADC, DAC and LCD bus interface and other rich analog peripheral, timer and a variety of standard communication interface, built-in a variety of security function modules and DSP, FPU and other computing units.

    Product Features:

    > STAR-MC1 kernel for ARM® V8-M architecture

    > Up to 128MHz @2.5V-5.5V
    > 150uA/MHz @128MHz  
    > Operating voltage:2.5V-5.5V 
    > Operating temperature:-40℃ - 105℃ 
    > 256KB Flash
    > 64KB SRAM+2KB Backup SRAM 
    > 4KB data flash 
    > up to 83 GPIOs 
    > Hardware multiplier and divider module 
    > Floating-point arithmetic unit(FPU)
    > Built-in two-channel 2-order digital filter (IIR) can be cascaded as a 4-order filter
    > Built-in digital signal processing unit (DSP), support SIMD DSP enhanced instructions
    > General PWM timer: 32bit 4-channel GPT0 unit, 16bit 8-channel GPT1 unit
    > 16 bit timer: 8 channels x 2 units 
    > 1 interval timer of 15 bit 
    > 2 WDT  
    > 1 RTC
    > Enhanced DMA controller 
    >  Linkage controller
    > LCD BUS :support 8080, 6800 interface
    > ADC converter consists of  3 unit. - up to 32 channels of high-precision 12 bit ADC,1.41Msps@64MHz
    > D /A conversion-8Bit accuracy, support 1 channels
    > 4  channel PGA 
    > 4 channel comparator, input source and reference voltage optional 
    > 2 I2C standard interface
    > 2 SPI standard interface,support 8 bit and 16 bit 
    > 4 Serial communication units 
    > 1 LIN bus
    > 2  CAN  A/B interface
    > 1 IrDA
    > Support low power consumption working mode – sleep mode/deep sleep mode
    > 80uA @deep sleep mode
    > 85uA @deep sleep mode+32.768KHz+RTC
    > 5uA @deep sleep mode with partial power off
    > AES Advanced encryption engine ,Supports AES standard data encryption and decryption operations. key length can be 128bit or 256bit
    >  Comply with relevant standards of IEC/UL 60730
    >  abnormal storage space access error, hardware CRC calibration Inspection, special SFR protection to prevent misoperation
    >  128-bit unique ID number
    >  Package:LQFP64/LQFP80/LQFP100

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