CMS79F53x 8-bit RISC MTP 8K*16 SOP16 SOP20 Microcontroller


CMS79F53x 8-bit RISC MTP 8K*16 SOP16 SOP20 Microcontroller

short description:

  • CPU Type: 8-bit
  • Core: RISC
  • Memory Type: Flash
  • ROM: 2K×16
  • RAM: 256B
  • Package: SOP16, SOP20
  • Product Summery: CMS79F53X is a SOC chip series designed for single-side electromagnetic heating.
  • Product Detail


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    General Description

    This series of SOC chips are with our original 8-bit RISC, and they are highly integrated with the operating voltage frequency: 3.0V~5.5V@32MHz.

    The chip provides safety protection which also being capable of passing different kinds of certifications.

    IGBT protection:
    • double surge inspections on voltage & current offer better protections to IGBT
    • double over-voltage detection, 1-level capacity dipping, 1-level power-off upon PPG
    • real-time detection upon IGBT power-on stages, which lowers extraneous power consumption of IGBT.
    • 8-bit DAC offers the reference voltage of the comparators, which performs a precise control.
    • continuous over-voltage & periodic over-voltage inspections, which offer better protections to IGBT

    easy to acquire different kinds of certifications
    • build-in hardware jitter supported which reduces extraneous radiation
    • build-in hardware CRC module which can be used for software/communication verification
    • build-in multiple reference voltages for verifying the ADC, which ease the software verification

    Product Features

    > electromagnetic heating SOC
    > operating voltage frequency:3.0V-5.5V @32MHz
    > operating temperature:-40℃ - 85℃
    > build-in 8K x 16 bits MTP, 336B general RAM
    > 3-channel timer interruptions, comparator interruptions, PPG interruptions & other peripheral interruptions
    > 2 8-bit timers, 1 16-bit timer
    >12-bit PPG module
        - hardware jitter supported
        - multiple build-in hardware protections
    > 3-channel PWM
        - can be configured to be in different IOs
    >CRC module integrated on-chip with the parametric model being as CRC16-CCITT:“X16+X12+X5+1”。
    > high precision 12-bit ADC(auto-triggered & auto-summation functions being selectable)
    > build-in differencing PGA
        -available amplifications: x8/x16/x32/x64
        -can terminal with the internal ADC/comparator
    > build-in 8-channel COMP
        -offset voltage of C0:<±1mv, others: <±4mv
        -3-channel 8-bit DAC, and 4-channel DAC for supplying the reference voltage
        -capable of interacting with PPG
    > build-in WDT
    > build-in low voltage detection circuitry
    > 8-level stack buffer
    > packaging:SOP16, SOP20

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