CMS79FT61x 8-bit RISC FLASH 2K×16 SOP8 SOP16 SOP20 Microcontroller


CMS79FT61x 8-bit RISC FLASH 2K×16 SOP8 SOP16 SOP20 Microcontroller

short description:

  • CPU Type: 8-bit
  • Core: RISC
  • Memory Type: Flash
  • ROM: 2K×16
  • RAM: 256B
  • Package: SOP8, SOP16, SOP20
  • Product Summery: CMS79FT61x is a Cmsemicon enhanced flash memory 8-bit CMOS microcontroller with a working voltage of 2.0V~5.5V, providing 2Kx16 FLASH, 256x8 RAM, 128x8 Pro EE, and a built-in touch button detection module.
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    General Description

    CMS79FT61x MCU supports internal high-precision RC oscillator 8/16MHz, built-in 2 8-bit timers and a 16-bit timer, high-precision 12-bit ADC, 10-bit PWM with complementary output, built-in 1 USART module, providing SOP8, SOP16, SOP20 package.

    Product Features

    > 8-bit CMOS MCU
    > FLASH: 2Kx16
    > General RAM: 256x8
    > Operating voltage range:
    > Operating temperature range: -40℃-85℃
    > 8-level stack buffer
    > Simple and practical instruction system (68 instructions)
    > Look-up table function
    > Support internal RC clock
    > Built-in WDT timer
    > Built-in low-voltage detection circuit
    > Interrupt source
    _3 timed interrupts
    _PORTA/PORTB port level change interrupt
    _others Peripheral interrupt
    > Timer
    _8-bit timer TIMER0, TIMER2
     _16-bit timer TIMER1
    > Built-in touch button detection module
    _No external touch capacitor required
    _Support up to 8 touch channels
    > Built-in 1 USART communication module
    > Built-in 128-byte program EEPROM (erasable 100,000 times)
    > Supports complementary output 10-bit PWM
    > High-precision 12-bit ADC
    -Built-in high-precision 1.2V reference voltage
    -±1.5% @VDD=2.5V~5.5V TA=25℃
    -± 2% @VDD=2.5V~5.5V TA=-40℃~85℃
    _ The internal reference source 2V/2.4V can be selected
    > PORTA/PORTB supports a variety of source and sink current options
    > Package types: SOP8, SOP16, SOP20

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