WSD4098 Dual N-Channel 40V 22A DFN5*6-8 WINSOK MOSFET


WSD4098 Dual N-Channel 40V 22A DFN5*6-8 WINSOK MOSFET

short description:

This is a magnetic wireless power bank that automatically recognizes Apple phones and does not require button activation. It integrates 2.0/QC3.0/PA2.0/PD3.0/SCP/AFC input and output fast charging protocols. It is a wireless power bank product that is compatible with Apple/Samsung mobile phone synchronous boost/step-down converters, Li battery charging management, digital tube power indication, magnetic wireless charging and other functions.

  • Model Number: WSD4098
  • BVDSS: 40V
  • RDSON: 7.8mΩ
  • ID: 22A
  • Channel: Dual N-Channel
  • Package: DFN5*6-8
  • Product Summery: The voltage of WSD4098 MOSFET is 40V, the current is22A, the resistance is 7.8mΩ, the channel is Dual N-Channel, and the package is DFN5*6-8.
  • Applications: E-cigarettes, wireless charging, motors, drones, medical care, car chargers, controllers, digital products, small household appliances, consumer electronics.
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    General Description

    The WSD4098DN56 is the highest performance trench Dual N-Ch MOSFET with extreme high cell density,which provide excellent RDSON and gate charge for most of the synchronous buck converter applications . The WSD4098DN56 meet the RoHS and Green Product requirement 100% EAS guaranteed with full function reliability approved.


    Advanced high cell density Trench technology,Super Low Gate Charge,Excellent CdV/dt effect decline,100% EAS Guaranteed,Green Device Available


    High Frequency Point-of-Load Synchronous,Buck Converter for MB/NB/UMPC/VGA,Networking DC-DC Power System,Load Switch,E-cigarettes, wireless charging, motors, drones, medical care, car chargers, controllers, digital products, small household appliances, consumer electronics.

    corresponding material number

    AOS AON6884

    Important parameters

    Symbol Parameter   Rating Unit
    Common Ratings      
    VDSS Drain-Source Voltage   40 V
    VGSS Gate-Source Voltage   ±20 V
    TJ Maximum Junction Temperature   150 °C
    TSTG Storage Temperature Range   -55 to 150 °C
    IS Diode Continuous Forward Current TA=25°C 11.4 A
    ID Continuous Drain Current TA=25°C 22 A
        TA=70°C 22  
    I DM b Pulse Drain Current Tested TA=25°C 88 A
    PD Maximum Power Dissipation T. =25°C 25 W
    TC=70°C 10
    RqJL Thermal Resistance-Junction to Lead Steady State 5 °C/W
    RqJA Thermal Resistance-Junction to Ambient t £ 10s 45 °C/W
    Steady State b 90
    I AS d Avalanche Current, Single pulse L=0.5mH 28 A
    E AS d Avalanche Energy, Single pulse L=0.5mH 39.2 mJ
    Symbol Parameter Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit
    Static Characteristics          
    BVDSS Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage VGS=0V, IDS=250mA 40 - - V
    IDSS Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current VDS=32V, VGS=0V - - 1 mA
          TJ=85°C - - 30  
    VGS(th) Gate Threshold Voltage VDS=VGS, IDS=250mA 1.2 1.8 2.5 V
    IGSS Gate Leakage Current VGS=±20V, VDS=0V - - ±100 nA
    R DS(ON)  e Drain-Source On-state Resistance VGS=10V, IDS=14A - 6.8 7.8 m W
    VGS=4.5V, IDS=12 A - 9.0 11
    Diode Characteristics          
    V SD e Diode Forward Voltage ISD=1A, VGS=0V - 0.75 1.1 V
    trr Reverse Recovery Time ISD=20A, dlSD /dt=100A/µs - 23 - ns
    Qrr Reverse Recovery Charge - 13 - nC
    Dynamic Characteristics f          
    RG Gate Resistance VGS=0V,VDS=0V,F=1MHz - 2.5 - W
    Ciss Input Capacitance VGS=0V,



    - 1370 1781 pF
    Coss Output Capacitance - 317 -
    Crss Reverse Transfer Capacitance - 96 -
    td(ON) Turn-on Delay Time VDD =20V,

    RL=20W, IDS=1A,

    VGEN=10V, RG=6W

    - 13.8 - ns
    tr Turn-on Rise Time - 8 -
    td( OFF) Turn-off Delay Time - 30 -
    tf Turn-off Fall Time - 21 -
    Gate Charge Characteristics f          
    Qg Total Gate Charge VDS=20V, VGS=10V, IDS=6A - 23 28 nC
    Qg Total Gate Charge VDS=20V, VGS=4.5V, IDS=6A - 22 -
    Qgth Threshold Gate Charge - 2.6 -
    Qgs Gate-Source Charge - 4.7 -
    Qgd Gate-Drain Charge - 3 -

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