PANJIT PJQ2815 -20V -4.2A Dual P-channel DFN2X2-6L MOSFETs


PANJIT PJQ2815 -20V -4.2A Dual P-channel DFN2X2-6L MOSFETs

short description:

Part Number:PJQ2815

Channel:Dual P-channel


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MOSFET product overview

PANJIT PJQ2815 voltage BVDSS is -20V, current ID is -4.2A, and internal resistance RDSON is 73mΩ.

Corresponding material number

The voltage of WSD4280DN22 MOSFET is -15V, the current is -4.6A, the resistance is 47mΩ, the channel is Dual P-channel, and the package is DFN2X2-6L.

MOSFET application fields

E-cigarette MOSFET, wireless charging MOSFET, car charging MOSFET, controller MOSFET, digital product MOSFET, small household appliances MOSFET, consumer electronics MOSFET.

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