Watch wireless charging mobile power solution module


Watch wireless charging mobile power solution module

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This is an integrated QC2.0/QC3.0/PA2.0/PD3.0/SCP/AFC input and output fast charging protocol. It is a wireless power bank product that is compatible with Apple/Samsung mobile phone synchronous boost/step-down converter, lithium battery charging management, power indicator, watch wireless charging and other functions.

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Supports multiple USB port fast charging: supports one USB C, port input and output function up to 10W, supports Apple LIHGING port 10W output, supports Apple LIHGING port 10W charging input.
Charging specifications: Supports 10W charging, the battery side charging current can reach up to 2A, adaptive charging current adjustment, supports 3W charging for Apple Watch.
Discharge specifications: Output current capacity: 5V/2A, synchronous switch discharge 5V 2A, efficiency reaches over 95%.
Other functions: Automatically detects the insertion and removal of mobile phones, supports battery temperature detection, intelligent load identification, automatic shutdown at light loads, and supports 1/2/3/4 LED power display.
Multiple protections, high reliability: input overvoltage, undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, built-in IC temperature, battery temperature and input voltage loop to intelligently adjust charging current.

Low battery lock and activation

1. When the battery is connected for the first time, no matter what the battery voltage is, the chip is in a locked state and the power light is the lowest.
The bit will flash for 5 seconds as a prompt; in the non-charging state, if the battery voltage is too low to trigger a low-power shutdown, it will also enter the locked state.
2. When the battery is low-voltage, there is no cell phone insertion detection function, and it cannot be activated by pressing the button.
3. In the locked state, you must enter the charging state (plug in the charging cable) to activate the chip function.


1. When the battery is less than 3V, use 200mA trickle charging; when the battery voltage is greater than 3V, enter constant current charging; when
When the battery voltage is close to the set battery voltage, it enters constant voltage charging; when the battery terminal charging current is less than about 400mA and the battery
When the battery voltage approaches constant voltage charging, stop charging. After charging is completed, if the battery voltage is lower than 4.1V, restart battery charging.
2. When charging with VIN 5V input, the input power is 10W
3. Supports simultaneous charging and discharging. When charging and discharging at the same time, the input and output are both 5V.
4. When the C port is charging the mobile phone and has switched to fast charging, the watch 3W wireless charging function is turned off by default. If you need to turn on the watch charging, press the button again to reset and activate the power bank wireless charging watch charging function. When giving priority to charging the watch, both the C port and the Apple LIHGING line default to 5V output.
Charging and discharging at the same time: When the charging power supply and electrical equipment are plugged in at the same time, it will automatically enter the charging and discharging mode. In this mode, the chip will automatically shut down.
Internal fast charge input request.

Mobile phone automatic detection

When the mobile phone is inserted into the automatic detection function, it will wake up from standby immediately and give priority to turning on the boost 5V to charge the mobile phone. If the mobile phone is recognized
If there is a fast charging protocol, it will switch to fast charging after a few seconds.

Full automatic detection

When the phone is fully charged and the current is less than 80mA for 32S, the product will shut down.
When the watch is fully charged and not removed, the product will automatically shut down after 6 hours by default.
When the watch is not fully charged and needs to be removed, the product will automatically shut down after 32 seconds.

Key Function

Turn on: Short press the button once to turn on the power display and boost output, and the product turns on.
Shut down: Short press the button twice within 1 second to turn off the boost output, power display, and shut down the product.
LED power display mode:
While charging

Important parameters

Capacity C(%) LED1 LED2 LED3 LED4
full Bright Bright Bright Bright
75%≤C Bright Bright Bright 0.5HZ Bright
50%≤C<75% Bright Bright 0.5HZ Bright off
25%≤C<50% Bright 0.5HZ Bright off off
C<25% 0.5HZ Bright off off off

When discharging

Capacity C(%) LED1 LED2 LED3 LED4
C≥75% Bright Bright Bright Bright
50%≤C<75% Bright Bright Bright off
25%≤C<50% Bright off off off
3%≤C<25% 1HZ Bright off off off
C=0% off off off off

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